JR Smith — What The Actual Fuck

4.7 seconds left…down by 1 George Hill goes to the free throw line. 107-106 Warriors.  Hill makes the first, and us Cav fans are shitting our pants.  “if we win this one we actually can make this a series” -all Cav fans.  Hill misses the second, JR SMITH WITH THE SUPERB REBOUND AND DRIBBLE OUT, SMILING THINKING ABOUT ALL THE CUBANS AND BOTTLES OF HENNESY HE IS GOING TO DOWN TONIGHT BECAUSE THEY WON ONE FUCKING GAME.  I should drive up to Cleveland and burn his house down right now.  Then he is going to look at Lebron James as time runs out and say “I thought we were up.”  Mother Fucker that is Mr. James to you.  If I was Lebron and I just busted 51 in an overtime Finals game and lost by 10, I’d be taking the red eye back to Cleveland tonight, pack my bags, and move my ass to Houston, Philly, shit I’d walk over to Golden State and see if their is a spot on the bench for me.  Again us Cleveland/Cincinnati fans have to deal with these dumbass, bonehead playoff losses.  JR Smith, if I was the Cavs head coach I wouldn’t have played you in OT, or the rest of the finals…LBJ get your mans he’s high again.


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