Reds Fan Distress Call

As I’m watching Jesse Winker walk it off yesterday against Colorado, I couldn’t help but notice not the homer, but the little amount of fans there. Winker hit it to the right center field bleachers and I think there may have been six people in the frame running toward the ball. The game went 13 innings and for at least the last 5 innings, there were maybe eleven people sitting behind home plate. The attendence was so bad, even Sportscenter  analysts were mocking it this morning. The quote was “Winker hits a walk-off in front of all 13 people.” It’s just sad being such a die hard fan and watching such a crappy team. I love this team though. In order to be good, they have to let people go. As much as I love Scooter and Iglesias, it might be their time to go. Rasiel is such a good pitcher and doesn’t deserve to be on such a bad team. Scooter is one of the hottest hitters in the whole league right now but all reports are saying he could be gone at the trade deadline. As sad as that is, we may be able to get a good return from trading him. In the long run, it will benefit us more if we trade him. All I’m asking is that Riggleman do something to not only turn this team around, but get the city of Cincinnati back to GABP and help them love baseball again. When a city has such a rich baseball tradition and can’t get 20,000 people to a game, it’s just sad.


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