I hate Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker

I don’t know why but in the last few days I’ve been getting really hyped up about Kentucky basketball. It’s probably because they are doing that camp tour and keep showing videos of the new guys who just arrived. I started watching videos on youtube of the old teams and it got me back to 2014-2015, or as us Kentucky fans know it by, the dream year. We should have gone 40-0, no doubt about it. Each time I watch highlights from that year I just think to myself, “how did these guys not win it all?”. I can name player after player from this team that are producing extremely well in the NBA right now and they still let a couple of white dudes beat up on them. I know this is 3-4 years too late but I had to get it off my mind somehow. I mean, our guys are making millions and millions of dollars and I had to look up “Frank the Tank”, and Sam Dekker to make sure they were still in the NBA. There’s always the next year to get that 9th title, and we will see how this year turns out with the great recruiting class that Cal has brought us yet again.


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