Mississippi State Fan Gives Hilarious Interview in Omaha

I highly doubt that this man’s wife has a boyfriend. And if he does, I doubt he has a prosthetic leg. And if he does, I doubt he’d let him sell it on Craigslist. And if he did, then I doubt he’d let him use that money to get tickets to Omaha. But then again who knows? There’s a 100% chance that this is real. If I were to try to give this story in an interview, I would just bust with laughter. That is, unless it was real. Plus they’re from Mississippi. Us folks down here in the southeastern part of the USA have seen/heard of some crazy and weird things. So I want to believe that this is just a joke, but if it isn’t..then shoutout to the MSU fan for allowing his wife to have a boyfriend, and shoutout to the boyfriend for being a good guy and selling that leg to help get this man to Omaha. I hope you enjoy the CWS, sir. And I hope your wife enjoys her alone time with her boyfriend.


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